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Revolutionary new i Groove technology Smart Linear, Smart Pluse


Sodick 10 éves garancia

Sodick’s ALC400/ ALC600 range of machines comes with a new standard – the “i Groove” edition with wire rotation mechanism. This new innovative technology, patented by Sodick, rotates the wire during the skim cut operation, so that workpieces are machined from top to bottom with the “unconsumed” surface of the wire.

Conventionally, wire electrodes are controlled solely by tension and running speed, while being constrained by a die. Sodick’s i Groove rotation mechanism provides additional control over the wire, resulting in increased surface quality and improved geometric accuracy, whilst at the same time minimising wire consumption – combining the best ecological solution with the highest quality of EDM machining.

X/Y/Z axis travel (mm):600 x 400 x 350
U/V axis travel (mm):150 x 150
Work tank dimensions (W x D x H, mm):1050 x 710
Max. workpiece weight (kg):1000


  • 10 year warranty on positioning accuracy
  • Linear motor (X, Y, U, V axis)
  • Absolute linear scales (X, Y, U, V axis)
  • Ceramic Work-zone
  • Remote controller
  • 3-sided Rise and fall work tank
  • Improved ease of operation
  • i Groove wire rotation function
  • Advanced wire tension control
  • Quadruple filtration system
  • SPW generator
  • SODICK Fine Corner Control
  • Energy saving circuit
  • Digital PIKA W Plus for super surface finish
  • StepCut Technology
  • Automatic water level control
  • Fixed Jet AWT (Automatic wire threader)
  • Wire end remover
  • Dielectric cooling unit
  • Voltage stabiliser
  • LAN interface
  • 19" TFT colour screen
  • Intelligent Q3vic EDW
  • Anti-virus Software
  • USB port
  • Work light
  • Built-in 20kg wire feeder


  • High Column (Z = 500mm, ALC600GH)
  • 0.05mm wire spec.
  • HTP high-voltage circuit
  • Taper flex NEO 45 (for taper cutting up to 45°)
  • L-Cut (Wire chopper)
  • 3D-setup function
  • Optic measurement system
  • Anti-Corrosion System (ANCS)
  • Automation System: workpiece changer, electrode changer and robots
  • Custom colour
  • WS4P/5P rotary table (indexing or simultaneous movement)
  • 8-axis Simultaneous Control SPW-E (Factory option)
  • Active Power Restart (UPS)
  • Booster (Total 60A)